How it Works

What will I learn?
Weekend Lessons offers weekend classes in a variety of topics and subjects. You can take classes in:

  • Technology classes
  • Entrepreneurship topics
  • School subjects
  • Software and apps used for work or business

We also offer classes and workshops in a variety of life skills; everything from yoga to self defense, horse riding to code writing.


Convenient For Busy People

How does it work?
We offer both remote and classroom classes that are instructor-led. Simply find and book the class you are interested in

  • Book a school-subject lesson for your child
  • Book a lesson for yourself in a variety of topics
  • Drive to the location for a classroom lesson
  • Attend a remote class from your home

For remote classes, you need an Internet connection to log in and attend, just like in a classroom.

Our instructors
Our instructors are experienced, knowledgeable individuals with a passion to share knowledge.

  • Smart, experienced and knowledgeable
  • Possess the passion to help others
  • Break things down and answer questions

We scout the globe for instructors who have a passion for what they teach. This is important to us.


A typical class
For remote classes log in online and attend. For classroom classes, attend at the location.

  • Watch and hear the instructor teach class live
  • Our teaching style is to break things down
  • Be involved. Participate in class

You don’t have to drive your child someplace to go take a lesson. Simply log him or her in at the appointed date and time. No leaving home.