Cost / Benefit

First, let’s talk cost
We are affordable
Our classes are truly affordable. Check them out for yourself and see. Some highlights below:

  • Sign up for only the classes you or child need
  • No monthly subscription payment required
  • No contract that ties you to the service
  • Only what’s needed when it’s needed

You or your child simply learn what you need only when you need it. Our goal is to earn your trust so you come back again, not to break your bank.

affordable weekend classes

No contract or subscription needed

Now, let’s talk benefits
Weekend Lessons catch up classes
Catch up, be ahead
Our weekend classes offers an opportunity for you or your child to catch up on needed skills

  • Your child can catch up or on school subjects
  • Students learn concepts they struggle with
  • You can skill-up for work, career or business
  • Everybody succeeds by learning what they need

For example, a student may not fully understand a math topic taught in school. Weekend Lessons makes it possible to catch up or even stay ahead

We break it down
Our teaching style is to truly break it down to make easier to understand.

  • Breaking it down helps people learner
  • The instructor explains with examples
  • A better chance to learn when explained

We care about your learning the topic when you take any of our weekend classes. We care because our own success depends on your success.

Weekend Lessons building blocks

weekend lessons answers questions
You can ask questions too
Our classes are taught live and you can ask questions when you don’t understand something.

  • Ask questions about the topic in real time
  • Learn from questions asked by others
  • Contribute to discussions. Be involved

Students are encouraged to not be shy about asking for more explanation if something is still confusing to them. We truly want you to learn.